9 thoughts on “Commentary: Climate Change and Science Vs. Denial

  1. It might also be due to the misinformation campaigns launched by Koch Industries as well as Exxon Mobil and other organizations. There are literally thousands of blogs which spread that same misinformation though it gets worse when politics comes into it and you see liberal sites attack conservatives and conservatives attack liberals. It doesn’t matter. Good things are happening so let’s focus on renewables.

  2. The worst part of it all is the deliberate, willful ignorance combined with the recasting of data and outright lies stated as facts. Of course, if your constituency is uneducated, it’s a lot easier to pander to them with this kind of thing. And if you’ve seen a Texas textbook lately… well.

    And then what happens is you get disparities like this: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/fact-checking-the-presidential-candidates-on-climate-science/ …which makes it even harder to strip the politics out of the equation.

    The only solution is education, and yet that very “education” is the root of the problem.

  3. What’s so appalling to me is that I know a very bright man who believes that climate change is some sort of liberal plot to destroy jobs. This man is my father, who has been sucked into the vortex of lies which is Fox News. He does not believe in any organized religion. Go figure.

  4. It seems there are several large groups (not necessarily overlapping) where doing nothing is considered best.

    1. Evangelicals who believe we are in the End Times and that climate changing for the worse is a feature, not a bug.
    2. Religious people who believe man may influence weather patterns, but that God either A. will provide; B. has already promised no more floods; C. uses weather as punishment and reward; D. other (RE Pat Robertson, et al)
    3. Corporate interests who profit from status quo and believe that they will be part of the engineering profiteering that will be needed to “adapt” in the future.
    4. Relatively affluent Idiots who don’t know the different between weather and climate and are too self-absorbed to care what happens to people in Chad, Somalia, or Bangledesh (who in reality already have a misreable life in a disfunctional country – would it really be materially worse??)
    5. People who live in areas and/or work in fields that will benefit from changes in climate. Maybe someone in an existing hot/arrid or cold/rainy location will have beatiful weather and long growing season.

    I believe in sacrificing and working toward a better situation in the future… but I’m not willing to help people continue to live in what should be natural eroding beachfront /wetlands areas like Florida or in fire and mudslide prone canyons in Malibu with access to subsidized FEMA flood insurance rates. Continued sugar and farm subsidies in deserts like Central California, and continued highway funds without similar investment in solar or efficient mass transit is misguided. Dense mixed-use walkable cities are more sustainable, but a majority of people still seem to select 40 acres and a mule? Who prioritizes and decides on who are the “winners” and “losers” when values are relative.

    We might be like the frog sitting in the slowing heating pot looking at everyone else in their pot wondering why they don’t jump first.

  5. The cedar tree is the emblem of the Lebanese flag. But after centuries of deforestation by Phoenicians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Romans, Israelites, Turks, and English, the cedar forests of Lebanon cover only a fraction of their former habitat. It is preposterous to think that humans cannot have an effect on the environment.

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