16 thoughts on “Climate Change Will Make San Antonio Even Hotter Over Coming Decades

  1. Climate change is a natural phenomena, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that it is caused by man and it is ludicrous, in my opinion, for anyone to think that mankind can alter the earth’s climate. America has led the world in minimizing pollution as we should for many reasons, health being an important one. Those who advocate taxes to address their concerns about climate change are simply seeking more funding for government control of our lives.

    • Palmer Moe – you are on to something! The climate of earth has changed over time and will continue to change over time – but one or two lifespans of humans is not the proper time span for measurement.

  2. The only thing for certain that increases with all the “climate change” hype is our SAWS and CPS bills. This is food for their higher salaries and rate increases. We need competitive choices to supply our water and electricity, like other cities for example, Houston ( I wonder if Houston is AAA rated!).

  3. Unfortunately the only funded research is the research that supports a political conclusion. So many “scientist” have been caught cooking the books to please their masters. This is why I’m in the skeptic camp and will remain so until the “Climate warriors” end their war on capitalism, free thought, free scientific research.

  4. Houston is Aa3. I recall that in 1969 a Stanford professor (name escapes me now, but he’s still there) predicted that population growth would lead to exhaustion of resources (oil, in particular) and world-wide famine. All the lefties bought into it. Now, the world is awash in oil and the greater problem is not famine, but obesity. The professor has yet to recant his dire and foolish predictions.

    It was not long after that there was the scare of an ice age.

    Poor Brendan. He can opine all he wishes, but young, emotional, lacking in experience and perspective, and having been brainwashed wherever he received his education, so-called, he should not be foisted upon us as a reporter.

  5. “Could” or “Might” instead of “Will” in the headline would certainly have been more appropriate, and given Brendan more credibility as a reporter.

  6. I usually enjoy the Rivard Report articles, especially when they are based on logic and reason. This article is a great example of conjecture and wishful conclusions. If the reporter would actually follow the evidence cited , he might see the illogical research and methodology meant to obfuscate and mislead. The primary sources have been discredited.

    Please do more reporting and less Orwellian propaganda.

  7. Baby boomers who won’t be around to see this and who can afford to live in denial sure are active on the Rivard Report.

    • “Afford” is an interesting word to use here since the answer to “Climate Change” is ALWAYS higher taxes and control. Much like the Aztecs and Mayans cultures used solar/lunar eclipse to extort treasure and sacrifice from the masses. People still fall for the same old tricks that have been use to control people for millennia.

  8. The controversy seems to be only through politicians and the media. Scientist and their organizations & associations overwhelmingly believe humans are contributing to Global warming. We need to vote for individuals who ask the right questions and know who is answering them. We simply don’t know but the likelihood we are contributing makes sense to me by simply asking – Where is all the carbon we are burning going? With countries like Russia, who would benefit greatly from Global warming by having more green space, livable space, trying to influence our votes, We have to look and vote to those who will make the effort via science, not those whose answers maybe end at the bible or whose votes are elsewhere.

  9. Here’s the “Real Evidence” behind the Global Warming deception (which has transitioned to “Climate Change”). This is why we shouldn’t trust or believe what they say ever again. They have well-earned our distrust.

    Do a Google search for the Forbes article:

    Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate

    You will find that the information I include below comes directly from that article. They got caught, then did the same thing all over again. What’s stopping them from continuing their deceptive practices.

    Their e-mails tell the real truth they want hidden:
    “Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical troposphere unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a wealth of others. This is just downright dangerous. We need to communicate the uncertainty and be honest. Phil, hopefully we can find time to discuss these further if necessary,” writes Peter Thorne of the UK Met Office.
    Tom Wigley, a scientist at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, authored a Climategate 1.0 email asserting that his fellow Climategate scientists “must get rid of” the editor for a peer-reviewed science journal because he published some papers contradicting assertions of a global warming crisis.
    “I’ve been told that IPCC is above national FOI [Freedom of Information] Acts. One way to cover yourself and all those working in AR5 would be to delete all emails at the end of the process,”writes Phil Jones, a scientist working with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in a newly released email.
    “Any work we have done in the past is done on the back of the research grants we get – and has to be well hidden,” Jones writes in another newly released email. “I’ve discussed this with the main funder (U.S. Dept of Energy) in the past and they are happy about not releasing the original station data.”
    “Mike, can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith [Briffa] re AR4 [UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment]?”
    “Keith will do likewise. … We will be getting Caspar [Ammann] to do likewise. I see that CA [the Climate Audit Web site] claim they discovered the 1945 problem in the Nature paper!!”
    “The trick may be to decide on the main message and use that to guid[e] what’s included and what is left out” of IPCC reports, writes Jonathan Overpeck, coordinating lead author for the IPCC’s most recent climate assessment.

    Three themes are emerging from the newly released emails: (1) prominent scientists central to the global warming debate are taking measures to conceal rather than disseminate underlying data and discussions; (2) these scientists view global warming as a political “cause” rather than a balanced scientific inquiry and (3) many of these scientists frankly admit to each other that much of the science is weak and dependent on deliberate manipulation of facts and data.

    There’s your unfiltered Truth everyone. This is what these scientists say to each other in private behind the public’s back. Those are the facts they wanted to keep hidden from you. When they get caught lying to us they collaborate with each other behind our backs to find better ways to cover their lies and hide the truth about their real data. What’s stopping them from doing this a 3rd time when they faced Zero consequences after getting caught the first 2 times..??

    • The author of the 2011 Forbes piece you just cited is a paid employee of The Heartland Institute, a think tank funded by the fossil fuel industry. In the 1990s, The Heartland Institute was known for working with the tobacco industry to discredit the science that tied secondhand smoke to cancer. The author’s affiliation is clearly disclosed at the bottom of the article.

      • That’s s a good way to try and dismiss and discredit the source.

        So if you’re going to try and discredit that story are you also telling your readers that all of those e-mails that were sent from scientists and specialists’ during Climategate 1.0 and Climategate 2.0 are all fake and those scientists never made any of those statements?
        Statements which call into serious question, the results and conclusions they’ve provided to support their facts about Climate Change?

  10. Actually, the real evidence to this article, speaking especially to “youth in sa” is a book called the BIBLE. Read Genesis chapter 8 & 9, in particular 8:22. No need to ever worry about climate change!

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