5 thoughts on “Climatologist, Evangelical Christian to Speak on Climate Change

  1. Thanks for doing this story. I think The Rivard Report should publish more on science-related issues; however, please do not take this to mean more “tech” stories. I think we’ve gorged ourselves on that topic and need to expand our understanding of the gains made across the sciences. If we truly believe that policy should be evidenced-based, there is no other game in town.

  2. There really needs to be done about Texas general education if this is a serious question…

    >>>Have you ever wondered if climate change is real?

    No serious person doubts the climate is changing because of global warming caused by human production and industrialization over the past 200 years.

    The issue, however, is how much are people willing to pay to keep the status quo. To paraphrase Charles T, Why should someone in Canada where it’s getting warmer and better farming weather have to pay more to support some stupid person who wants to build an inappropriate condo building on Miami Beach that shouldn’t be there in the first place because of natural erosion, much less with rising sea levels? There will be winners and losers.. This is the “problem” with climate change.

  3. Climatologists are like meteorologists. They can only predict based on available information so no one climatologist is more informed than another. If these people help create policy that interferes with the rights of individuals then that’s the time they deserve my attention. In any case I think we should focus on adaptation over any other strategy since it’s within our ability. That is where engineering, architecture, and other fields come into play.

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