3 thoughts on “Commentary: ‘Conscientious’ Vaccine Exemptions Are Anything But

  1. Let’s be clear: There is nothing conscientious about rejecting vaccines for non-medical reasons

    As the Dude might say, “Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” A beautiful restatement of that philosophical concept, “That which is freely asserted is freely denied.”

    Where do you get your definition of moral? Conscience? Etc.

    Please define your terms. If you’re starting from some principle of utilitarianism, why have you settled upon that approach to life rather than some other?

    Not an antivaxxer—this article just isn’t persuasive. But then again I suppose that isn’t he article’s real purpose: to make the in-group of Trib readers feel smug and better about themselves first thing in the morning by demonizing Christians and granola hippies.

  2. “What they are not doing is making a moral choice.”

    But they absolutely are; what’s right is what they believe is right, so by definition their choice is 100% moral. No one has stronger convictions than the ignorant.

    What they are not making is an *informed* choice or an *intelligent* choice.

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