18 thoughts on “Commentary: San Antonio Greatness Requires Walkability

  1. San Antonio has neglected the inner core for decades 80s I believe when it began the mayor was so excited at that time when SA was experiencing the 80s boom everything went northwest and north. while still good neighborhoods at the time needed help with street and drainage problems, people just got sick of asking for help they fled north to get away before it all went to hell.There where good inner city neighborhoods at the time.And now they want to fix the problem. Well good luck!

  2. Hey, Thats my daughter and friend!!!
    The city needs more sidewalks. It was built with the idea everyone will use cars.

  3. Walkability is nice, but until politicians muster the courage to iaddress the deficiencies of the inner-city school districts, downtown living will appeal only to retirees and hipsters dependent on government subsidies to fuel prosperity and growth.

  4. A huge mistake that will hinder walkability and bicycling for years was allowing H-E-B to close South Main.

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