7 thoughts on “Commentary: Vaccine Myths Are Hurting Our Kids

  1. Now that we’re required to have a gun in every baby carriage mothers can use their sidearm to blow away the threatening germs.

    • You missed this part “As I’ve said before, if every one got vaccinated, I’d be out of a job. And that would be a good thing.”

  2. I, too, cannot believe the ignorance around vaccines. Take, for example, the HPV vaccine. Rwanda (Rwanda!!!!) and Australia have very high rates of vaccination. If it really caused all the problems people say it did, don’t you think we would be hearing in the news about all the brain damaged and dead young girls? But, instead, we hear, well, nothing, except from a few brain-addled anti-vaxxers who have access to the media.

    Meanwhile, when I worked in oncology, the young women who lacked access to health care (and thus pap smears) would slowly trickle in, dying, from undiagnosed and untreated cervical cancer, and yet people still insist that the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease.

    Yes, she does work for the Immunization Project, and that’s a damn good thing. I wish more people worked for them and could do more outreach and put us all out of jobs.

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