Mike Beldon: Why I Now Support Ivy Taylor

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The crowd gathered in support of Mayor Ivy Taylor's campaign to serve a full term as mayor. Photo by Iris Dimmick.

The crowd gathered in support of Mayor Ivy Taylor's campaign to serve a full term as mayor. Photo by Iris Dimmick.

For what it’s worth, I was and continue to be a strong supporter of Mike Villarreal, and proudly served in his campaign as treasurer. But in the runoff, San Antonians have to choose between interim Mayor Ivy Taylor and former state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte. It’s not even a close call in my mind.

Van de Putte is a major concern for our City on the police and fire contracts, and she continues to talk out of both sides of her mouth on this issue. She refuses to say she will support continuing the lawsuit filed by the City of San Antonio on Nov. 7, 2014 that challenges the constitutionality of the collective bargaining agreement’s Evergreen Clause; a little understood clause that remains in effect for 10 years if not challenged and changed. It was a terrible mistake to give the union such a concession, and the time is long overdue to address the problem. Addressing this impediment to good faith bargaining is the only real strategic advantage the City has in the negotiations.

One of Van de Putte’s prominent supporters gave her the chance to put her position in writing for the Wednesday Morning Breakfast Group, a gathering that for many years has been attended by many of our city’s business leaders with a deep commitment to this city’s growth and prosperity. It’s a regular stop for those seeking office. In her statement, Van de Putte talked around the issue, which even her supporters in the group conceded as much.

Furthermore, Van de Putte has misrepresented her position on the property tax bill that Villarreal filed and won passage of in 2013. She was one of only three members of the Texas Senate to oppose the bill. She issued a statement at the time, which made clear her reasoning: Members of the Bexar County Commissioners Court didn’t want the bill passed because it would lower the county’s tax collections. Villarreal’s bill lowered taxes for homeowners by giving them greater leverage in challenging evaluations. Check Van de Putte’s statements today to see how they differ from when her “no” vote was cast.

Mayor Ivy Taylor, in my view, has done a good job, especially as the interim mayor before she entered the race. I hated that she broke her promise not to run, but Van de Putte’s promise not to run was even more egregious in that she accepted a $25,000 contribution from Mike’s House account (which he had to either return to contributors or give to a statewide candidate) and had a major news conference announcing that she would not run for mayor “under any conditions.”

On top of that, Van de Putte’s attempt to transfer $300,000 from her state campaign accounts was a blatant attempt to skirt the City’s campaign finance and spending rules, which are pretty black and white.  She backed off only after being challenged and the matter became a potentially damaging issue.

The NDO was a tough vote for Ivy. Although I disagreed with her decision, she “voted her district,” as many on City Council do from time to time when it seems to many of us that a broader, citywide view would be better. The streetcar project, as presented by VIA Metropolitan Transit, was not a well thought out plan, and Ivy was dead right to help kill it. I think she could have handled the Uber issue better, but if elected, she is committed to revisit the issue using an advisory council that will include business leaders, the community and City Council.

Mayor Taylor does not have Van de Putte’s grasp of “retail politics.” She is not a politician at heart, but she will make a better, nonpartisan mayor and leader of City Council.

*Featured/top image: The crowd gathered in support of Mayor Ivy Taylor’s campaign to serve a full term as mayor. Photo by Iris Dimmick.

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33 thoughts on “Mike Beldon: Why I Now Support Ivy Taylor

  1. Por Favor! Felicia gotta go. Anyone that says they support reduction of violence & recidivism among boys & Men of Color yet owns a bail bonds is walking irony. She says she supports My Brother’s Keeper yet makes a buck when someone is arrested. The fact she failed to disclose that in her financials only proves she’s learned the political game. She also lies about not seeking election. She always seems to pander to a certain population of electorate when it’s most convenient. She’s a rookie politician & far from one that would represent the values of San Antonio. Ivy needs to be out and she needs to be out Now!

  2. Remember the “Texas Eleven”? ” The eleven Democratic legislators that left the state when they did not get their way on proposed legislation? Letitia Van Deputte was one of them. Now, the career politician wants to be mayor?

    • Good point Adelfa! Now if the Millennials will “put down their craft beers” and vote, we might seem some progress in the future.

  3. This guy is just having a bitter moment.

    We need to block walk. The north side is laughing at la gente and the gays/gay supporters at not having a “voter block” let’s prove them wrong. We each need to get 10 people and they need to get ten people and tell the kochs they can’t buy this city!!!

  4. RE: Ivy Taylor, NDO, and “voting her district”:

    Same excuse was used by segregationists in the South in the 60’s. Just as unacceptable then as it is now. If our mayor feels it is permissible to discriminate against ANY American citizen she will not get my vote. If some Americans are treated as second class citizens all other political concerns fade into the background. Nothing but window dressing.

    In future decades Ms. Taylor’s grandchildren will be in the unenviable position of apologizing for her actions and making excuses for her. Shame on Ivy Taylor.

  5. It’s pretty rich how the treasurer of MV’s campaign is still talking about the money transfer when his candidate accepted close to 50K in ONE day from ONE donor, who coincidentally ran ads using the same ad company as the campaign. Nice try, dude, but that smell of sour grapes from Southtown is wafting through the city.

  6. And as for this commentary, the author argues in favor of screwing over the SA police and fire departments. No, the evergreen clause in the contract is NOT a problem. It was put there in order to provide for stability and continuity. I never knew stability and continuity were a burden on SA. And the author further plays this game of avoiding any and all taxes. People like him never have a Plan B when government has no money. Do they ever have a Plan B for anything? I suspect the author is just another right wing nut like the rest of Taylor’s supporters.

  7. I don’t support either candidate, but who cares if LVP ran for mayor after she said she wouldn’t. It is not against the law and it is her right to do so.

  8. It’s funny how comments bashing poeple of faith or the “right wing” are allowed, but comments criticizing the left are automatically moderated out of existence. Hmmm….

  9. Voters of Districts 8,9,and 10, are the real numerical power in the community reflected in the highest results in the recently reelection of council members; this for sure will be in favor of the next San Antonio Mayor: I.T…more T, please.

  10. Having had both Taylor and Van de Putte as my elected representatives, this is a no brainer. Taylor was a huge waste of time and energy on the eastside, did nothing of consequence and worked against our neighborhood plan on many occasions. Van de Putte was just the opposite, working hard to better her Senate district. Beldon lists many reasons to disagree with Taylor, then endorses her for mayor. Sounds more like sour grapes from Mike Villareal’s team than a real endorsement….

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