One thought on “Committee Narrows Scope of Housing Bond

  1. One or both of the co-chairs plus others in the committee seem to have been involved or are involved in housing. My understanding is that the acquiring of property by the city, at Market Value to then improve with infrastructure and utlities if needed, to then resale to a nonprofit or for proit developer at a fair price according to city will not displace nor involve eminent domain. Hmm. The properties involved are in blighted areas the city itself never improved with sidewalks or other infrastucture. It seems that the targeted in such areas are being punished for being ignored by the city itself in the first place. Crime too is a factor but again why are places creating 500 calls police calls closed down but a city initiated place receiving 1800 plus police calls (EMS calls unknown) not including surrounding neighborhood calls pertaining to ousted or associated visitors from facility continues to recieve funding and praise. Apart from that will adjacent property owners still have the ability to go before zoning or will the zoning use classifications already noted as allowed be pushed through without questio?. Higher density multi-story development is occuring as we speak…are emergency personnel and equipment too increasing proportionaly? Medical calls and transport at ground level single famly homes versus multistory is very different. Fires such as the one at Wedgewood Apartments should have reminded us of just how deadly such facilities can be regardless if sprinkled or not. Are modern building designs allowing for proper firefighting, rescue or evacuation appartus placement as not to hinder or endanger responders and residents? Are balconeys etc. required or are ventilated pressurized stairwells in place? The Parks Bond and other Bonds seem to go hand in hand to provide an amenity to privileged developers wanting to build adjcent or around such places. What happens if a property owner does not want to sale? Will they be threatened with condemnation such as in Phoenix’s light rail corridor? In any case the also proposed City Charter Amendment to allow the city to initiate its own Housing Bond versus just the State is a future threat to all areas that stay on the proposed list. The Haven for Hope (now 20 acres of former tax revenue producing areas), the County Parking Garage plus County Probation Multi-story office where countless family owned homes and business including Toudouze Distributor were displaced or closed forever. Yet according to some officials such displacement or termination actions were not eminent domain. This well meaning Neighborhood Improvement Bond is scary and disturbing especially that if from experience the execution of the following language implemented by ordinance: ” the city attorney is authorized to negotiated and/or condemn property.” has been used before and worst It will be up to voters to displace their fellow San Antonians to please others, our modern day Barons.

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