One thought on “Community Briefed on San Pedro Creek Developments

  1. The closure of two blocks of Houston Street near the Alameda Theatre and Alameda Cafe to traffic for at least 16 months is remarkable – and should be planned now as a permanent closure to traffic.

    Various recent events (Chalk it Up, etc) have demonstrated that sections of Houston Street downtown work better as pedestrian-only. As they will for the next at least 16 months, existing businesses will be able to function with sections of Houston Street closed to traffic – with car access from north-south streets and VIA buses (Viva 301) routed to alternate east-west streets.

    Planning for pedestrian-orientated commercial activity to be based in the center of Houston Street (covered cafe seating etc.) between Laredo and Flores could be extremely beneficial to existing bricks and mortar businesses and services on this street – including a restored Alameda Theatre – and it could make more of the high pedestrian amenity (tree cover, wide sidewalks) along this section of Houston Street.

    The pedestrianized Lincoln Road in Miami Beach could serve as a design and street management model for a pedestrian Houston Street between Laredo and Flores. This type of street-level pedestrian amenity is part of what’s missing from and disconnecting sections of downtown San Antonio.

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