4 thoughts on “Conflicting Mayoral Polls: A One-Round Race or a Runoff?

  1. Medina, who is accusing Taylor/Nirenberg of corruption is touting the endorsement of Chris Steele. The same Steele who tried to hide his divorce from the city while fighting the city’s efforts to ensure it was only covering qualified family members. All so he could get more when he split assets with his wife. That guy is the definition of corruption.

  2. I took the Taylor poll last week. The pool had about 30 questions. Started pretty straight forwarded and about the middle of the pool I could tell the questions and statements were meant to encourage me to choose Ivy Taylor. Naturally know the Mayor track record I did not support their intent of swaying me. The pool was slanted in Ivy favor.

    My friends, family and I are voting for Manuel Medina for mayor. It is time to clean City Hall.

  3. A few thoughts.

    1.) The idea that an independent poll is somehow more accurate than internal poll makes no sense. Why would candidate’s commission polls just so they could receive highly inaccurate ego boosting results? These polls cost tens of thousands of dollars. That would be the worst business decision ever. As a third place finisher from 2015 would tell you Baselice & Associates is…. by far and away….the best pollster

    2.) Ron Nirenberg is clearly in trouble. An independent poll WAS conducted in January and runoff or not, he was still down 47-22 in that one. The fact that he wont release ANY of the numbers of his poll suggests he’s down huge and doesn’t want his poor friends and donors to run off. (Get it! Runoff). Just because something indicates a runoff doesn’t mean it’s close. It could be 49-10. All you have to do is watch the campaigns. The Mayor is clearly running an incumbents campaign, Medina is doing weird stuff and Ron obviously isn’t a winner. Dumb vertical signs, weird cheesy messaging, a record that looks 95% like the person he’s trying to supplant.

    3.) Runoff or not, all of the results (Ron’s hidden poll included) are a great sign for the Mayor. Ron was supposed to be the insiders glorious new Mike V. Ron couldn’t hold Mike’s water.

    4.) Why do people keep talking to Henry Flores? Does anybody remember how WILDLY inaccurate EVERY SINGLE THING he reported in the Express News was in 2015? Politics has passed that guy up.

    5.) I’m sick of this. National polls from November were not caught flat footed. They were actually MORE accurate than polls in 2012. Most of the good polls had the race within called within 2% of the of the results. That’s a small margin or error (which they all have).

  4. Medina’s campaign has been picking up momentum since it started, months later than Ivy and Ron’s and it is pretty obvious it’s now running at full speed stacking up endorsements and city-wide support. The notion that his campaign is “not materializing” is really funny coming from Archer whose most recent mayoral candidate was actually Van de Putte who tanked against Ivy, an appointed incumbent!

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