5 thoughts on “Confluence Park Nears Completion

    • Thanks Doug – the project has had a dream team involved:
      SpawGlass – general contractors, Shertz TX
      Rialto Studio – park design / landscape architecture, San Antonio TX
      Lake|Flato – pavilion and Estela Avery Education Center design, San Antonio TX
      Matsys Design – artist / parametric modeling, Oakland CA
      AEC -structural engineers, Austin TX
      Pape-Dawson – civil engineering, San Antonio TX
      Urban Concrete – cast-in-place concrete, San Antonio TX
      Kreysler & Assoc – computer routed fiberglass formwork, American Canyon CA
      OCI Solar – photovoltaics, San Antonio TX
      Stuart Allen – Owner’s rep project management, San Antonio TX
      Along with a host of subcontractors and in-kind supporters with apologies that we can’t name them all!

      The SA River Foundation can’t say nice enough things about working with this group.

  1. I have long commented on the curious habit certain local publications have of reporting on notable new projects without any mention of the teams that design and build them. The construction industry alone makes up approximately 1/7 of the area’s economic output, employing 124,500 people in the San Antonio area with an economic impact of $32.5 billion each year and a local payroll of $5.9 BILLION each year….many of us read these local publications and are interested in knowing who builds these great projects that are enhancing our community. Reporting on a new project without mentioning the design and construction team is akin to describing the first birth of the New Year without mentioning his parents.

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