4 thoughts on “Ortiz Jones, Treviño Headed for May Runoff in CD-23 Democratic Primary

  1. Reading the comments made by Ortiz Jones and by Trevino is interesting, especially since Trevino is really hoping he is the one who will be in the runoff with her. Her statements sound as if they come from a happy, positive person wanting to do good for everyone. His sound as if they come from someone who feels he is downtrodden because of his experiences and choices in life but has great dreams for a government that would have made his life easier. Yet it sounds as if each grew up in poor, if not lower middle class, homes. If it is between these two, I will vote for Ortiz Jones who seems to be the one who has a positive attitude and will work for the people without making it all about herself and her life.

  2. I wonder if the lower than expected showing is a rejection of the power and influence of the Castros. They endorsed him and campaigned with him but it doesn’t seem to have done him any good.

  3. Let’s see if I get this straight, Ortiz-Jones was supported by a national organization committed to electing progressive Democratic women to office, and that makes her a “D.C.-chosen candidate with powerful friends?”

    The whole DC-vs-real-America thing is getting tired. If you hate DC so much, don’t run for national office. As much as he hates hearing it, running a Congressional campaign against Will Hurd is going to take money, not bake sales and constant railing against “the establishment.”

    • Dear Denise, what I hear Trevino saying is that Gina Jones is not only chosen by D.C. She is from DC…Texas needs to be placed in the hands of Texans. She also is a dishonest individual for putting ‘Ortiz’ on the ballot to mislead Hispanics into voting for her when she is Asian and never identified with ‘Ortiz’ prior. Also, what kind of a leader abandons their LGBTQ family by putting conservative donors before them…she sold herself out and allowed her Republican donors to force her into wearing pink dresses, 4 inch stelletos, and tons of make-up on MSNBC interviews. (And that’s not how she first introduced herself to District 23) She has no integrity. She is an opportunist. Opportunist are skilled at getting lots of money. Cake sales will never be of interest to an individual like Jones. And trust me, it’s not the money that got her those votes (ask Hulings how well money did for him lol) it’s the Spanish name that got her mistakenly into the runoff. So watch your words Denise!

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