4 thoughts on “Cornyn: Melania Trump Plagiarism Charges a ‘Trivial Matter’

  1. I am not surprised that Trump followers brush this whole thing off. I mean, we all know how ridiculous it is for somebody to commit plagiarism especially someone who is seeking to be Americas next first lady. But in the end, these followers are certain that this country is so far gone from what they feel what America is supposed to be like, they will stop at nothing to get trump elected even if it means saying and doing the most outrageous things. I ask myself, when he says lets make America great again, what time period was that?

  2. Politicians always try to make the people believe the things they have done wrong are no big deal. She should just admit she plagiarized the speech and Hillary should admit she mishandled classified material.

  3. The real interesting part here, I think, is this:

    “Cornyn, the Senate Majority Whip, told reporters he had not seen a comparison of the two speeches”

    Yeah, it’s no big deal that you’re completely unaware of the goings-on at your own party’s national convention to select a Presidential candidate.

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