3 thoughts on “Council OKs Land Sale, Grant for $65M Mixed-Use Project on Eastside

  1. My concern with this development is that over time, it will make the Eastside too expensive for the historic and current residents to stay there. Sure it might “transform the community” but who is it being transformed for? Eastside’s current residents or the residents the city council wishes lived there? The city council is supposed to do what’s right for the citizens, not what will just make San Antonio more attractive. Economic growth in San Antonio should include its residents, especially its poorer residents, not exclude them.

    • I disagree, this project will not make the Eastside too expensive over time. It will simply be expensive regardless of this development or any other. We San Antonians have to wake up and realize we have been extremely affordable for some time, especially on the Eastside. Just like any other growing city, with more demand by different industries prices are going to rise. Whether it was done by Ms Gervin or someone else it would have been done. Really excited to see a fellow Eastsider entering the development arena on the Eastside. The truth of the matter is yes, majority of the current Eastside residents will not be able to afford it, but with that logic are we to continue to bring in public housing and devalue the properties on the Eastside which has been going on for the last 10-20 years.

    • That also happened to the Spanish, then Mexicans, then Texians, then Texans, then Confederates, then again Texans living in jacals downtown. Cities change and people come and go. It’s good they say they will involve the community who have been caretakers this whole time so that now there is “affordable” land near downtown. Otherwise, if it was already developed to a higher density and cost point to make redevelopment not economically feasible, you get blocks like in Tobin Hill where the final cost of improvements renovated or replaced has to be so much higher that you have standing pockets of squalor and vacant lots as interim uses

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