3 thoughts on “Council to Review ‘Interpretive and Design’ Plans for Alamo Plaza

  1. I identify with Open Carry Texas a little more now: Seems like we SAers were done with almost all of this, but instead the concerned public here will have to find ways to “audit” this continuing “re-imagining our Alamo” process.

    And I do not trust that those damnable glass walls will not rise up! Keep the Cenotaph in place (build a temporary structure, in place, to house its rebuilding!)! Keep old-growth, legacy trees in place! Do not revert the courtyard back to its heat-island days (South Texas summer sun is hot!)!

    • I truly hope the proposed glass walls are never resurrected. I do see the validity of demarcating the old mission’s former boundaries but think a low adobe or stone wall would do the trick nicely, without blocking the street view of the Alamo chapel. It could be unevenly laid to give a sense of what the original walls might have looked like without pretending real antiquity or being uniformly their estimated original height

  2. As an Alamo Defender Descendant and a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee, I assure you the glass walls were only a concept, as the final elements of the design are now being discussed. No glass walls is the consensus. My 3X great grandfather Andrew Kent’s name is on the Cenotaph. My opinion on it is for it to be restored (It is hollow with a steel frame which is rusting. The granite has several cracks in the blocks) while being moved to a few yards south at the 1836 main gate. There it would have MORE prominence than it does now. It would be in better view of the Alamo (most of it currently isn’t) and photos of it would be able to be taken with the Shrine in the background.

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