11 thoughts on “Councilman Ron Nirenberg: From Jazz to Civic Leadership

  1. So he basically didn’t have a real job before council but feels he is fit to lead the 7th largest city in the country. Right…….

    • He has had a “real” job. If you read you would know. He is active and comes up with new ideas. Something “good for nothing taylor” has yet to do. Get your facts straight.

  2. Also, why should we trust a guy who routinely gets out voted 9-1 or 8-2 on every issue to “create a city we deserve”? How is he going to gather council support? Or (As I am sure the Councilman would suggest) is everybody else is just wrong? I mean…. he’s clearly the smartest man in EVERY room…..duh.

    • So basically you want somebody with a preordained agenda? I want someone like Nurnberg who will come up with new ideas and challenge these backwards thinking people in san Antonio who have never traveled on their own expense to see other cities or even countries throughout the world. Better Nurnberg than “Good for nothing taylor”.

  3. To appropriate a line from Batman: the Councilman is neither the Mayor we need nor want right now. He is vapid ambition in a suit. That much was proven to be true when he called all of council and asked them to make him Mayor upon Julian’s departure. He had only been serving for 6 months.

  4. He definitely does not represents the needs of our community and continues to act as if he wants more transparency with the vista ridge project that he voted for and supported when the council approved the project Twice! He is not a candidate that will champion our issues and in these time we need a Mayor that will stand up against what is happening to our minority communities. This is why I and my family will be voting for Manuel Medina!

  5. I I’ve in District 8 and have met Mr. Nirenberg several times and have discussed various issues with him. He is not a “sweet talker” – he is very straightforward and has a great vision for our city. He has a passion to serve the community. Our city is growing so rapidly that we need someone like Mr. Nirenberg to make sure that our infrastructure can handle the future growth of the city and our environment improves at the same time. In my opinion he is the BEST candidate to handle these and many other important issues!

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