One thought on “Viagran: Celebrating and Working Together, a World Heritage Festival

  1. Why does the city keep spending money on new banners? It’s like sending an orphan a hair bow–they probably need the necessities more. The streets and parking around the Missions are in bad shape, and the signage is deplorable. I’ve ridden the full Mission bike trail multiple times, and I still get lost going to Concepcion and San Juan because the way finding maps are incorrectly oriented or completely absent. There is extremely limited signage indicating where the BCycle stations are, and no visible place to offer up donations to support the Missions. The signage within the missions is either completely absent, insufficient, or downright racist. Referring to Native Americans as Indians on educational signage? How long has it been since those were updated? If the Councilwoman actually spent some time at the Missions and spoke to the visitors instead of waiting for people to come to these input meetings I have to call a hotline to get information for, she would know that making banners is the dumbest way to waste taxpayer dollars… In speaking to other visitors at the missions their comments are consistent–the missions could be so much better (and generate so much more money for the city). Almost every other cultural site in America offers audio tours you can purchase to get a more in-depth story. Perhaps that is a more worthy investment–one that will pay dividends and continue to raise money to support the missions.

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