4 thoughts on “The County Judge Race: Leadership vs. Rhetoric

  1. “If somebody chooses to not carpool… to ride by themselves… then dammit they probably ought to pay.” This Nelson Wolff quote is just one in a litany of examples that voters might rightly choose to consider in rejecting him and his “leadership” which might also be rightly characterized as arrogant and unwilling to listen to his constituents. Many may also rightly view his policies as steadily marching us toward debt and decline. The same debt and decline shared by bankrupt, but “progressive” cities in California. While our streets deteriorate and many residents suffer from a lack of basic county services, Wolff chooses to spend scarce resources on projects very few people desire.

    Bob, just because someone disagrees with you, doesn’t mean that person doesn’t have leadership or vision. To the contrary, Carlton Soules, in taking on an entrenched and established politician like Wolff, is exhibiting the very leadership that made our country great.

    Have a good day.

  2. I do not understand why we elect Judges. I have no clue who is the best Judge for Chief of 4th Court of Appeals or any other judge?

  3. This is a very well-written, substantive and informative piece which provided me with certain insights that I had not previously known. Thank you for giving San Antonio voters a clear picture of the two candidates.

  4. Until someone with a greater understanding of technology’s capacity to improve our quality of life is running Bibliotech, it will be nothing more than a PR hook that fosters the increased burden on our taxpayers.

    We need someone with experience beyond reading the Steve Jobs Biography because all Mr. Wolff took from that book was to build an Apple store and call it a library. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has Apple Stock.

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