3 thoughts on “County Officials Welcome New Industry to Local Economy

  1. I would be interested to know the environmental impact their plant has had on the region of their current location, and if that was considered in this decision.

  2. I love that there is an article posted right before this one about how the city is concerned that property tax caps will cause a decline in public services. Why the heck are we providing 10 years of tax abatement to a scrap metal company who pays an average wage of $40,000?! Those are not good jobs, and that is not a good investment. This kind of lazy “economic development” is not bringing “skilled jobs” to San Antonio, despite what Judge Wolff tells the media. Working at a junkyard for $30k a year is not the kind of job we should be incentivizing to move to our city/county. So disillusioned and disappointed with our city leaders. How can we ever change things?

    • You vote for the city leaders that WILL change things. Hold them accountable. Stop voting for the same people. Even better, get out and vote period. Change starts with your voice.

      Your vote is your voice.

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