9 thoughts on “County Selects Barcelona-Based Artist for San Pedro Creek Installation

  1. San Antonio had no artists? No Texas Artists? No America. Artists? Politicians spending tax payers money like it’s theirs. That money should stay in US.

  2. Daniel Peterson is entirely correct … we should find a San Antonion or Texan artist to create this art installation. This outlandish spending of tax payers dollars for an art piece that most people won’t even recognize is wrong – to the tune of $735,000. Unbelievable! Why is this happening? Answer: Liberals are in charge. Vote them out!

  3. Waste of money and an insult to the many Christians (in the majority in San Antonio). If the city has this much money to waste, then it should skip this dubious project and lower our taxes.

  4. That is plain down right ridiculous to spend that type of money on something that isn’t doing anything for anyone. I pray my tax money isn’t being used for this. Waste of money!!!!!

  5. Are there any plans to identify and honor Capt. Pedro Aguirre Sagardia, who named the San Pedro Springs? Pedro de Aguirre, soldier, was born in Aranaz, Navarra, Spain, on April 24, 1678, the son of Pedro and María (Sagardia) de Aguirre; the family line can be traced back to the year 1200. Aguirre, a captain in the Spanish army and commander of Presidio del Río Grande del Norte, was ordered by a special council held August 7, 1708, to escort fathers Antonio de San Buenaventura y Olivares and Isidro Félix de Espinosaqqv to what is now the Colorado River to meet the Tejas Indians and their allies. The Spanish, who believed that the French were illegally trading in Texas (see SPANISH TEXAS), planned to use the Indians to keep watch on the French. The expedition left San Juan Bautista on April 5, 1709, and reached the Colorado on April 19. Upon reaching their destination, they learned that they were still three days’ travel from the land of the Tejas Indians, whereupon they turned back, since Aguirre did not have orders to proceed farther. The expedition returned to San Juan Bautista on April 28. During the trip they arrived at the site of what is now San Antonio, on April 13, 1709, and named the nearby springs San Pedro Springs, and the river San Antonio de Padua.

  6. Instead of venerating this, “archetypal goddess…maternal protector who is powerful and venerated,” as the artist proclaims, why do we not focus on the truth and the real history and significance of this place?

  7. It is the liberals that don’t give a crap about how they waste your money. Wolfe is at the top of the heap, he needs to go. What would have happened if a sculpture of Christ would have been approved, oh my goodness.

  8. Sick! Huge step backward for San Antonio, up to now prized for its unique cultural beauty. Not to mention the WASTE of money on a piece that relates to nothing from the rich heritage and character of this city. Done by heavy handed decision-makers bent on imposing banality on the city.

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