4 thoughts on “Cyber Trick: RonForSA Redirects to Taylor’s Website

  1. “We knew absolutely nothing about this. Parscale did this entirely on his own,” Taylor campaign spokesman Greg Jefferson told the Rivard Report. Later, he added, “Since we didn’t ask Parscale to do this, it’s not our place to ask him to undo it. If Ron’s campaign is upset about it, they should contact Parscale.” By not asking Pascale to remove the link, Mayor Taylor and her campaign manager are condoning Pascale’s behavior. It is disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

  2. The Trump campaign connections alone make it impossible to support the mayor for re-election. It’s a shame that she would work with such a smarmy political operative. I thought San Antonio politics and our mayor were better than this.

  3. How would anyone know of this glitch if it happened simultaneously or even before Ron’s official announcement. Something smells rotten and to me it seems like Parscale is using the same manipulative tactics it used to promote Trump. Really? How many people were googling Ron for SA even before he announced. This smells like an adv tactics on advertising. I cannot support a registered democrats covered up in republican trump clothing. Woman or Blavk label will not be sufficient for me to endorse the “crooked Ivy”

  4. It is quite obvious both candidates are willing to play trump politics when its comes to advancing their political Careers! We have an opportunity to move our city in a new direction to stand up against individuals who are willing to play dirty to get elected! #Medina4SAMayor

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