4 thoughts on “DA LaHood Undeterred by Controversy

  1. People are so cruel I wish I was assigned by God the duty to handle judgement day and God instructs me what everybody did to others in life. It is called punishment faze you had the upper hand then now God is ready for you because that day is coming we don’t live forever remember that you think you have the authority over someone’s life now but watch what happens on your JUDGEMENT DAY. Have you ever thought about what is behind this skin and flesh and how it got there, have you thought about how you are able to speak, walk, move your arms,eyes,lips strange right have you noticed that all the people that have authority use it the wrong way and causes harm to others and thier families and thier children they are getting away with it now but JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING AND I PRAY THAT GOD LET ME BE THE PROSECUTOR AFTER HE TELL ME WHAT EVERY SINNER HAS DONE THAT FASLELY HARMED A INNOCENT PERSONS LIFE AMEN

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