12 thoughts on “Dallas Developer Eyes Top of Joske’s Building for High-Rise Hotel

  1. I suppose there’s a reason that the Joske’s building isn’t being considered for an Alamo museum? It would certainly make moving the Cenotaph make sense as well as a dignified welcome to the Plaza.

    • What about moving the Institute of Texan Cultures there? It’s so isolated where it is. This would expose it to more people and open the current site for something more appropriate

    • You mean you haven’t heard of “Battle for the Alamo” it’s a museum located in what was the basement level of Joske’s with lots of historical artifacts.

      • Gotta get down there to that, thanks R Mcginnes!

        Moving the ITC above it sounds even more intriguing as it bops around my brain, would love to see a discussion here or at a Pearl event about this!

  2. I truly believe this would not fly (maybe 2 floors added, but nothing more). HDRC, thankfully keeps this city historic, a rare gift in Texas!
    Rick: I would hate to see the Institute of Texan Cultures moved. I have such fond memories of visiting it as a child. What’s wrong with walking or biking to see it? Also has free parking.
    What’s in it for Scully to continue to sell out SA’s history? AGAIN, thank you HDRC and the Conservancy Society!

    • I would miss that sharp-edged building too. But moving the ITC to the ol’ Joskes sounds intriguing. A heckuva lot more foot traffic, and like Rick and R Mcginnes point out, quite relevant to this area. The Tower of the Americas will still be around to celebrate our opening-up-to-bigger-stuff at Hemisfair ’68!

  3. Thank you for this report, Shari. I vote “no!”. Please watch and report on our city manager, to help us ensure she doesn’t just plan to overrule in favor of a luxury hotel or a market-will-bear rate housing (we still need more affordable housing for lower and middle income residents) I can see myself supporting that proposed ballot initiative, just so the popular vote can overrule her! (hint to our city council: Start looking for a new city manager if she overuses her executive privilege again. We elected y’all, not her)

    And since there’s a heckuva lot more tourist and general traffic here then at the current ITC location, Rick’s suggestion sounds intriguing. I do not want to jeopardize our UNESCO World Heritage status, and an improved, relocated ITC would strengthen that cause. Bring on more historical-tourism (get that “entertainment district” up and running for Ripley’s already!)

  4. You can bet that Susan Bevins and her San Antonio Conservation Society will always fight for what is best for the people of our city. They have done so for nearly a century, stepping in time and again to save and reclaim important parts of who and what we are as a city. It’s our Conservation Society, not politicians or developers who have made the difference between our city and all others who follow our lead. These quick-buck “Trump-style” Dallas developers will soon learn what San Antonians already know. Not everything has a price.

  5. Real estate developers and the tourist mob have absolutely destroyed downtown San Antonio over the last forty to fifty years. It is sickening.

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