7 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Mayor: Call San Antonio the ‘City of Opportunity’

  1. Dear Mr. Mayor.

    Listen to Bob. He knows what he is talking about on this one. I might add one thing. While it is appropriate to mention us as one of America’s hungriest cities, I think that is not exactly right. I think we could easily be one of America’s most complacent cities, who import excellence from other cities and ignore our own. Our own, in this context is a small and growing cadre of people who are hungry. We are hungry for excellence, hungry to change the reputation of San Antonio and hungry to put us back on the map.

    We are here, Mr. Mayor, and we have your back. Be brave and tell people about the San Antonio that we want it to be.

  2. Thanks for putting SA in population and economic context. When I moved here five years ago, I thought my life in “the 7th largest city in US” would be quite different from what it actually is in terms of urban fulfillment. I have described SA to friends as having all the bad stuff of a big city with very little of the good stuff and having all the bad stuff of a small town without any of the good stuff. Know what I mean?

  3. Actualy Combined Statistical Areas are separate from Metropolitan Statistical areas. San Antonio doesn’t even have a CSA. MSA’s are much better measurement and census estimates right now show SA as 24th and rising.

  4. Robert,

    Hyperbolic overstatement can be found with the Republicans, too. A few months ago, Lyle Larsen crowed on his Facebook wall that UTSA was one of the fastest growing universities in America. But if you look closer, you will find that UTSA enrollment in the past few years is failing behind most other similar-sized public universities in Texas – Texas State, UT Arlington, UH, and North Texas. Only Texas Tech is in a comparable rut.

    Was it Twain who said there were lies and statistics?

  5. Robert, enjoyed reading your article. Never viewed the size of our city in the way you presented it in your article. Also appreciate Jess’ correction. Thanks.

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