4 thoughts on “Developer of Apartments at Mission Concepción Seeks Slightly Taller Buildings

  1. Or the could cancel the project, build somewhere else, and not bringing any redevelopment into a dying neighborhood. Will this look better than what’s existing? Will this improve the area economically, and make people feel safer visiting the area (and the nearby attractions such as the mission?) Is there a real, tangible, measurable harm that would be done by this development? (Not a what-if, but something claculable or discernable) These are real questions worth asking/answering. Get engaged with the conversation, don’t just quip about it and feel proud because you think you stood up for something. Know what you’re standing up for, and what you’re standing up against… and what the opportunity cost of those stands entail. Show up for the discussion, ask the important questions, then make an INFORMED decision.

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