6 thoughts on “District 1 Candidates Face Growth, Preservation Challenges

  1. When interviewed by Camille García, I was asked “what are the issues facing District 1” and I was not told that this article would focus on the Council elections or on Councilman Treviño. If I had known that this was its focus, I would have made clear that, while the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center cannot and does not endorse any candidate, I personally support the re-election of Robert Treviño because he, more than any recent District 1 representative, has had the courage and integrity to take on some of the most difficult issues facing the people of District 1 and the City.
    – Graciela I. Sanchez

    • Graciela,

      I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding. I sincerely thought I had made it clear in our conversation that this was related to the D1 race.

      The focus of this article is not on Councilman Treviño, rather it is on the district, its challenges, and how candidates are proposing to address them.

      I appreciate you reaching out to clarify and will make a clarification note in the story.


  2. If you want to stop gentrification then the best thing to do is make sure no one wants to move to the neighborhoods at risk of gentrification. The city can accomplish this by not spending money on sidewalks, streets, and parks. For a fraction of those cost the city could spray graffiti all over those neighborhoods. That would save tax payer money and stop gentrification in one fell swoop. There is worse things in life than having the value of your property go up. Property values went down in 2008 and I didn’t see anyone dancing in the street.

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