4 thoughts on “Affordable Housing Pilot Launches in District 5

  1. What a wonderful iniative. Whatever it takes to stay in our own homes especially those which have been in the family for generations.

  2. Once again, the source of the problem is overlooked. It will take a strong no strings attached well informed leader to stand up to what really has to be done. The action required to stop the construction of $150K plus homes next to $50K homes to prevent undesired gentrification. A prudent collaborative City action would cause a building boom creating affordable housing at all income levels instead of continued city created ballooned priced appraisals as is occurring today. Wish I could say more but first I need to talk to the builder that was willing to put one million dollars of his own money. Alongside the city’s matching one million dollars with “certain specific request,” to start snowballing affordable residential housing at true cost versus today’s city’s forced ballooned cost turned appraisals.

  3. The west side needs a revitalization effort. In this market, the only way to drop affordable housing in a low income area is to subsidize it. The private sector isn’t doing business there for a reason – it isn’t profitable. If we want to build affordable housing at affordable housing prices in low income areas, then we need a program that trains up and coming subcontractor labor pools (i.e. plumbers, electricians and a bunch of carpenters, etc.), no impact fees, energy efficient designs, infrastructure subsidies (i.e utility lines from lot to main), and educated, ready buyers. This will lower the cost of construction, ensure long term value in the homes with predictable operating costs, and informed home owners. Revitalization usually means a “boost” to a neighborhood – everyone starts cleaning up their property because they can see the value in doing so as a group vs. lone improvements. This is starts with infrastructure – improved streets and lighting. Case and point – S. St Mary’s and the revitalization of homes along that corridor following street and light improvements. The Councilperson has dedicated funds to this effort. It’s a good start.

  4. District 5 is following through on the proposed program. Just completed a 4 seminar course for homeowners, developers, investors this month…July 2018.

    Yesterday (July 24, 2018) D5 sponsored a program for small developers and investors. Very worthwhile.

    Keep up the good work!

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