3 thoughts on “Downtown Community Requests Crosswalk by UTSA

  1. I recently (by bike) explored the UTSA campus on my way to an appointment nearby. I immediately felt like the campus was really hard to get into and kind of like an isolated island. I do recommend the city and campus look for ways to allow non-car traffic to enter the campus in a safe way. I had a heck of the time crossing the street (on Leona, crossing Buena Vista) because I had to cross and turn, pedal hard because more cars were coming, and enter a the sidewalk that wasn’t directly across. I would also agree if there is a cross walk, it needs to be the kind with an as needed stop light that can be activated so it is truly a safe crossing. I love downtown college campuses, and I especially love downtown college campuses that want to integrate into the neighborhood, unfortunately this campus is plopped down in sort of a netherland of outer downtown. I would suggest also looking into adding some tree lined park pedestrian areas and other street features that allow walking in this area more pleasant and safe because this is a walking campus after all once you get yourself ‘on’ it.

  2. There is no such thing as “jaywalking” at an intersection. All intersections are considered crosswalks whether it is marked or unmarked. Crossing an intersection is a legal crossing.

  3. What’s so tragic about this, the City lost a BCycle station (the cement slab is still there) at Leona and Buena Vista–the only station west of the I-10/I-35– in part due to the lack of a pedestrian crossing here.

    Frio needed work (mainly wider sidewalks and more frequent crossings), but it doesn’t seem like the latest project will address what’s really needed in the campus area from a pedestrian perspective–including more pedestrian crossings of Frio north of Houston at Centro Plaza and better lighting for pedestrians on Frio and Leona.

    I don’t understand why this even requires a call to TCI. And who will cover the public loss of a removed $75,000 BCycle station at Leona and Buena Vista when we’ve just decided the downtown campus needs to be saved? A BCycle station clearly needs to be restored, with an additional station at Centro Plaza (as long planned).

    I’ve asked for a cross at Leona and Buena Vista for years now on social media (please add me to the list) simply as it is proper pedestrian urban design for the campus area, and a crossing was clearly anticipated with the placement of a BCycle station there in 2013.

    If TCI can’t see the need for a pedestrian crossing here, we need some serious help. TCI also has a bench to repair underneath the I-10 at Buena Vista–it should frighten people that it was struck by a car at such velocity as to move it several feet. What other university campus can you imagine has such terrible pedestrian conditions?

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