7 thoughts on “Dry San Pedro Springs a Sign That Drought Has Returned to San Antonio

  1. I dont know why we dont have permanent stage 2, Demand will continue to increase, and it isnt getting any wetter.

  2. They need to forbid the routine laying of St Augustine sod on the yards of all new subdivisions. St Augustine demands vast amounts of water just to get established & needs excessive amounts of water to maintain it year round. To make matters worse homeowners dump massive amounts of fertilizer & pesticides on it so it stays green. Most of these new subdivisions are right over the aquifer recharge zone too.

  3. How is SAWS allowed to pump water from the Edwards into storage without restriction while we are under restrictions? It seems that the amount of pumping and water restrictions she also consider precipitation if one is paid to do predictive modeling and manage data to forecast pumping. It’s kinda worthless to forecast if your not gonna act on it – unless your just in a cap shoot of Vegas gambling. When you already have not just the weather forecast, but the actual weather results, to plug into your model, and don’t act on it then we might as well save money that position and rely on the weatherman.

    • I believe they fill storage when the aquifer is above a certain level without restrictions. SAWS does a great job to help ensure San Antonio has an adequate water supply.

  4. Could it be that all the man made changes along San Pedro creek, especially downtown and South have created this dry creek syndrome? It was all drained while working on it. All the man made changes made to enhance the vision of San Pedro creek beauty for the benefit of 300 year celebration. It kinda reminds me of vanity in people that get face lifts!

  5. With all this rain, as I walked on Delarosa and Commerce, the creek is still dry as a bone. Not caused by God made drought, caused by by man made draining for construction! We will always have drought and flooding as long as the earth remains.
    Even Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Jesus lived in drought and flooding. Quoting from the bible, Genesis for beginnings.

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