5 thoughts on “Early Voting Concludes With 8% Turnout

  1. Did you see the number of and location of the early voting locations? It’s pathetic. It’s like the county wants low voter turnout. The 4 closest locations are all 15 minutes from my house, in good traffic. Forget voter ID laws or a poll tax, the way to discourage participation is a lack of polling locations and being open during work hours, only.

    • If someone wants to vote but “can’t make it to the polls” in San Antonio, they are lazy, not disenfranchised.

  2. Exactly. Voter apathy only goes so far to explain the dismal voting rates in Texas. The systemic challenges to voting, even for motivated voters are unconscionable.

  3. The alternative is opening up more sites at a substantially higher cost to the county. I live in District 2 and only 66 of 81 precincts even had people vote on election day when the number of sites climbed dramatically. That’s 15 locations where the county paid workers and nobody showed up.

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