5 thoughts on “East Quincy: For-Sale Townhouses coming to River North’s ‘Renters Reach’

  1. Recently, as I’ve driven behind the Pearl area, I’ve remarked, “In ten years, we’ll be saying ‘remember back when there used to be warehouses and little old houses along here and now it’s all condos’ “.

    BTW When is Tacoland opening?

  2. A welcome addition…but isn’t this architectural style becoming overdone in this area? It would be nice if future developments reflected more of a sense of place and architectural/space diversity.

  3. Thanks Bekah. Good comments regarding density. Would like to add that the instigating partner in this project is Frank Pakuszweski of 1836 Asset Development. Frank has also devoted a good deal of professional/volunteer time to midtown master planning and urban design issues.

    SS & JS, ideally, the majority of “little old houses” will be still be around, thanks to efforts of the Tobin Hill NA and others. Would be nice if most of the existing character warehouses could also be adaptively re-used, though economics and the need for greater efficiency can sometimes get in the way. Architecturally, EQ has evolved from the earlier rendering above, and is still being somewhat refined. We have great nhood oriented architects on the project, with a goal of hitting the sweet spot between the extremes of “not another…” and “..sore thumb”. I will say that the younger, more design enthusiastic are now entering the market, which should push things increasingly toward good design and away from commodity.

  4. Steve, Thanks for weighing in. Your points about the importance of the Tobin Hill neighborhood and potential for adaptive re-use of existing old warehouses are spot on. That Tobin Hill has a Historic District designation should be very helpful in the sense of seeing the maintenance of the area’s unique character. Thank you also for the update on the design process and your goal of finding a “sweet spot”. Sounds like you have a good team. I will look forward to seeing what you ultimately build. Regards and good luck with the project!

  5. I am hoping all this development will improve the tax base for SAISD schools. If you want to get families to move into the surrounding neighborhoods, one of their primary considerations is how are the schools that their kids will be going to. As it is now, SAISD schools in the downtown area are not ranked very high. The result is a mix of residents that are either wealthy enough to send their kids to private school, or poor enough that they can’t afford to move to another school district.

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