4 thoughts on “Eastside Couple Receives HDRC Nod for Garage Apartments

    • I’ve spoken with them about this, Andy. They consider short-term rental a valuable option in order to recoup the cost of building the structures, but ultimately they hope to let family move in and/or find long term renters.

  1. I also built a dwelling behind my house and couldn’t get it done cheap enough to offer it as a reasonably priced rental, even doing a lot of the grunt work myself and being pretty minimalist about it. I’m not even in a historic district. I’m airbnbing it for a few years, and hopefully could rent it out after that to a more permanent person or couple. Imagine they probably spent a substantial portion of the last year or two of their lives, just to get this permit approval, and that is easy compared with life while you are actually building something.

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