4 thoughts on “Eastside Residents Vow to Fight For Community Center

  1. This situation lends itself perfectly to the creation of a nonprofit Foundation to raise money to make necessary improvements to the facility. Lots of examples around town of nonprofits that step in when COSA money is lacking (missions and parks foundation to name just two examples.)

  2. Time to organize and resist. Do not be fooled developers, lobbyist and investors interest are behind this. The city managers office needs to be held accountable to the existing eastside community. Money interest should NOT came first.

    Fight for your community or you will be rolled over by these power brokers groups.

  3. What I would like to see is an article on the history of Ella Austin’s board and its care of Ella Austin. With rent of $1 a year I am assuming that maintenance was the responsibility of the lessor. I’ve heard amounts from $7 to $12 million needed for deferred maintenance. This sounds like long-term malfeasance on someone’s part. Will negotiating a longer lease just add three more years of deferred maintenance costs? How does the city allow its asset to be neglected to this degree? How do present and past board members ignore this? I can understand how current and past funders (United Way, etc) focus only on their clients receiving services and not building upkeep, and various funders can always move and have the same services provided at well-maintained facilities. Please invest the resources to report on how this community asset (Ella Austin Community Center) was allowed to be neglected for so many years, by the city as well as current and past boards.

    If philanthropys do step forward to “save” Ella Austin, will this only be to pay deferred maintenance costs on a building owned by the city? To purchase and rehab the property for the community?

    I understand the good EACC has done in the community and the emotional ties. But unless and until the community understands how it’s impending failure was allowed to occur, it will happen again with other neighborhood resources. Don’t disrespect the Dignowity Hill citizens and others who rely on Ella Austin by not laying out the causes and conditions. We really are smart enough to handle it.

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