6 thoughts on “Edgewood Vietnam Veterans Honor Their Fallen: ‘We Always Come Back’

  1. What an inspiration these men are. The incarnation to the saying “all gave some, some gave all”. God bless the Edgewood District Veterans.

  2. The fact that they come back to Edgewood to honor their fallen colleagues shows that not only were they brave in battle, but they are honorable, righteous men full of love for their community.

  3. Hermanos fuertes. Con, o sin armas.
    Good article showing the strength of the fabric of which these men and this community is made.

  4. Great job Cat,
    You captured my buddies story’s with great honor and respect.
    It’s been over 50 years and we don’t forget.
    It’s great to come back every year and see old buddies.

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