14 thoughts on “Environment Texas Protests Against Whataburger’s Use of Styrofoam

  1. What A D__ S___!! The Author I mean,, We always recycle the WB Styrofoam cups and what ever our local system will ACCEPT! Anything else is in Proper Disposal.

    • YES proper disposal if you dispose of it!!! SA is full of litterbugs. Thus biodegradable is truly needed! Whatever happen to Keep Texas Beautiful campaign?

      • Not true.
        Below is the link for accepted recyclable materials in San Antonio.
        And STYROFOAM food containers and CUPS are on it.

        I agree that Whataburger should cease their use of styrofoam. Starbucks doesn’t use styrofoam and they have hot AND cold drinks. Their business is built on beverage sales and as far as I can tell, Starbucks is thriving.

        San Antonio absolutely has a huge problem with litterbugs. It’s disgusting.

  2. Yes, Yes! Texas has gotta say no to Styrofoam… yesterday. It’s bad bad bad. Recycling has limitations and often isn’t cost effective and I’m not in the know about styrofoam recycling (often it is covered in food waste) but what I do know is if you take a walk in many watershed areas in San Antonio–you see broken up styrofoam pieces everywhere.. this is all making its way to the ocean — or in an animal / fish etc stomach.. and then in you. We just need to say goodbye. I moved here from a city that had banned styrofoam in city limits and it was so great. We can do this.. Whataburger and other fast food places can join in and do the right thing. Thanks Rivard Report for the article and info! Thanks Environment Texas for taking this on!

  3. Welcome to the 90’s! Getting rid of styrofoam is decades old news in much of the USA. Hopefully we can complete this 90’s era achievement, and enter the new millenium as soon as possible.

  4. SA uses more Styrofoam at restaurants than any other city I have lived in or been to, why? It isn’t cheaper and it doesn’t break down.

  5. Came here to say this. The fact that Bill Millers BBQ, Taco Cabana, and various other quick service restaurants still use styrofoam is just so backwards.

  6. Plastic cups do not keep your drink cold, ad a matter of fact it water downs your drink faster. I have switched from McDonald’s to Whataburger, because of the cup. How about finding a better solution for everyone before we make these changes. Whataburger Please don’t switch to plastic, I love your Styrofoam cup.

  7. There is an environmentally sound solution that would make everyone happy.

    Foam is made from polystyrene resin. Specifically, a foam cup is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS). It is recyclable but most recycle centers are not equipped to receive this type of resin. Every recycle plants can take the regular plastic polypropylene cups (like the Bill Miller cup).

    There is now a materiel, Expanded Polypropylene, that has all the characteristics or EPS and it’s accepted at all the recycle plants. It keeps the food/drink hot/cold, and won’t sweat and is 100% recyclable.

    It’s a relatively new materiel and it’s about double the cost of a foam cup. That’s what Whataburger and Sonic and others aren’t telling you. They just don’t want to double their costs.

  8. This is a phony virtue signaling movement. Styrofoam is used in construction, for cushioning products being shipped, and for drinking cups. A natural product, it is made from oil. Some of it is indeed recyclable, but not all.
    Given all the uses (think of those peanuts used for shipping), why pick on Whataburger, the best hamburger chain there is. Personally, I think coffee tastes better in Styrofoam. I buy the cups for use at home.

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