5 thoughts on “Even During Conference Finals, Popovich Can’t Escape ‘Pall Over Whole Country’

  1. It is hard to escape the fact that the Spurs blew a 23 point lead to lose to the Warriors. Popovich need to stick to Coaching Basketball and keep his politics to himself.

    • I’m guessing that you didn’t watch the game or notice that Kawhi was blatantly injured by Zaza. I’m also guessing that you wouldn’t be whining if Pop was praising Trump instead of admonishing him.

  2. If you support Trump or don’t, leave politics out of sports. Sports is our only escape from what’s going on in the U.S and the world.

  3. If you support Trump or don’t, it shouldn’t matter that you have a point of view. When did we become so tribal that we began to view different points of view as intolerable? When did we start to perceive those who don’t agree with us as “other”? We are all still Americans and we should respect each other as people whose love of country is legitimate and equally founded in good faith.

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