5 thoughts on “Fiesta Generates Tons of Trash, But It’s Getting Better

  1. This is my 20th Fiesta year. We’ve always brought our own trash bags, and for the last 10 years, our own recycling bags to the day and night parades. We pick up after ourselves, and we ask the people sitting around us to do the same.

    If we all did this little thing, we could make a huge impact on the amount of trash left on the streets.

  2. Thank you, Brendan for your focused report here.
    Yes, es verdad,Fiesta Verde, is easier than we think, and make happen.
    Hats off to SA Solid Waste Disposal Department for stepping up their campaign this year.
    More of this is required and will be welcomed by so many.
    Happy Earth Day!

  3. If any reading this knows the proper people to contact…please have volunteers passing out trash/recycle bags at the parades tell parade goers what the bags are for. Last year, bags were colored coded, so the blue bags were supposed to be for recycle but many spectators didn’t understand that and were throwing trash in there as well.

  4. It seems mindless bordering on intentional littering is a SA tradition.
    Campouts in city parks? Tons o’ trash left behind. (If you can carry your stuff TO the event, then carry all of it FROM the event, folks.)
    Fiesta events? Trash everywhere. (See parenthetical remark above.)
    Parking lots? Trash.
    My favorite is seeing trash left on public picnic tables in parks when there are trash/recycling receptacles a mere few feet away.
    My second favorite is the empty beer bottles left in a parking space after some in-car guzzling. Were those party animals too drunk to stagger over to a nearby receptacle and dump their bottles? Or are they just too stupid? Or self-centered?
    Does the state public education curriculum include units on civic responsbility in terms of the environment? Or is that too liberal and oppositional to “gotta have muh freedum.” Freedom to do the wrong thing over and over?
    In regard to another issue, I suggested that all TX high school graduates be given their diploma with one hand and gender-appropriate birth control products with the other. Maybe a biodegardable garbage bag should be included with that “welcome to adulthood” swag.
    For many Texans, high school is their last educational experience. Why aren’t our kids getting a hefty dose of civic responsibility in every year of school?
    Someone did a documentary some years back on throwing stuff “away,” examining just exactly where “away” is. (Spoiler alert: “Away” is never that far “away” and sticks around forever.)
    Which brings me to the brown/green/blue refuse containers that way too many San Antonio residents are confounded by.
    It ain’t rocket science, fellow citizens. It’s modern day good sense. Get some and read the simple instructions on the lids.

  5. completely disappointing article. you were at Earth Day at Woodlawn Lake and had an opportunity to speak with a ton of people and organizations who where there to communicate the difference that could be made and was being made to protect our earth. you interviewed youth who had worked tirelessly on earth saving projects and this was their first opportunity to present those projects. you missed real opportunity to write about those making a positive difference on this planet.
    instead you thought you would attempt to write a single article addressing garbage generated by fiesta. guess you can check that comprehensive trash article off your checklist.
    next time try to focus on what’s in front of you.

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