Finding Medina: The Free and Independent State of Texas

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The First Page of the Original Texas Declaration of Independence

Courtesy / Cesar Gutiérrez

The First Page of the Original Texas Declaration of Independence.

On April 6, 1813, Texas declared its independence, having momentarily rid the province of all traces of Spanish control. Eleven days later, the new Texas government promulgated a constitution, drawing from both Spanish civil and Anglo-American natural law traditions. Unfortunately, a horrific series of executions of captured Spanish officers nearly ripped the Republican Army apart at its seams, just as a Royalist army of retribution came sneaking up the Camino Real.

The research team starts digging at the suspected site of the Republican camp the night before the battle. What they learn while digging may be even more important than what they find.

2 thoughts on “Finding Medina: The Free and Independent State of Texas

  1. I am glad to see that you have used the Carlos Beltran transcripts as valid information because when I first started reading and researching the BOM, his articles were said to have been made up by the publisher of his writings. I was really enthralled by his descriptions of the battle and narratives on locations. I really enjoy your many podcasts and have learned a lot more than of what I have known or learned in the past.

  2. Thanks, Fred! Schwarz and Thonoff – very thorough and accomplished historians to be sure! – were very dismissive of Carlos Beltran’s account as published by John Warren Hunter between 1913 and 1925. There are, indeed, a few things in Beltran’s account that do not square with some of the other accounts of the battle – but there are many many more things that do…and I’m not so sure that you couldn’t perhaps reconcile even Beltran’s inconsistencies with a little mental gymnastics. I would also note that other scholars in recent years seem to have been comfortable using Beltran unquestioningly in the last few years, which gives me some further confidence. As I mention in the podcast, his is certainly the most colorful account and the one that I most recommend people read!

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