2 thoughts on “Fire Chief, SAFD Mourn Firefighter Killed in Four-Alarm Fire on Northwest Side

  1. We lost a hero protecting our community. May he rest in peace, may his wife and family find the strength to endure these difficult times.

    We need to keep them in our prayers. While our live move forward with little to no change. Mrs. Deem will now have the responsibility of rising here family by herself without her husband.

  2. Dear Mrs Deam.
    My name is Grace Raymond,
    I am turning 16 and i would like to send my condolences.
    I’m so sorry for your lost.
    I would like for you to know that your husband died a hero and will be remembered a hero.
    My whole life i have wanted to be a fire fighter, and now because the strength of your husband I will make sure that happens.
    I may not know him, but he. was a brave man.
    You and your family will be in my prayers..God bless you,
    Sincerely : Grace Raymond

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