6 thoughts on “Five-Story Downtown Apartment Complex Approved by HDRC

  1. There is a 32-story office and residential tower planned for the future? I haven’t seen mention of this project – perhaps I missed it? I follow San Antonio news pretty closely, but somehow this one slipped by me. Please enlighten me!

  2. It appears the HDRC did not adequately consider the needs of pedestrians. The sidewalks are only 5 to 6 feet wide and are compressed by trees planted along the street.
    A livable city has wide sidewalks that allow pedestrians to walk two abreast.
    The builder may think they are saving money by jamming more units onto the property, but the long term property value will suffer as their residents find the sidewalks too narrow to use.

    • Agree with you there John. 6 foot sidewalks with a 5 foot green buffer from the street isn’t too bad, but we should have much better from our new projects.

    • Completely agree! As someone who stares out at this empty lot every day and will have to “live” with it on a daily basis, wider sidewalks would be welcome. The sidewalks that currently exist around the Live Agave apartment complex are inadequate. You only get once chance to do it right.

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