3 thoughts on “Flush With Water, SAWS Seeks Guidance on Selling to Other Cities

  1. 1) I do not support selling the water. Instead, don’t draw from the Edwards so springs will flow, people wells will not have be drilled deeper and waterways will have a better chance of not running dry. Secondly, since supply will surpass demand, lower the cost of our astronomical water bills in this city.

    2) Only if the 16.3 billion gallons exceeds demand, should it be sold.

    3) If SAWS customers are burdened with paying for the pipeline, will SAWS customers also reap the rewards of the sales by way of billing reductions (return on our investment)? If not, where would this money go? I certainly hope not in the hand payouts and bonuses to others!

  2. There are a number of unanswered questions related to the proposal. The new SAWS Board members, may have additional proposals for the VR pipeline. The public is owed a clear, concise report from SAWS on any and all proposals on this issue

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