4 thoughts on “Former SAISD Trustee Found Not Guilty in Federal Bribery Case

  1. Well, this certainly illustrates the difference between unethical and illegal. What Olga Hernandez did was clearly unethical and has serious, real consequences for employees of SAISD. However, the government could not prove that she had done anything illegal.

    I hope Ms. Hernandez does not attempt an electoral comeback to the SAISD board. It is in the best interest of the residents of district 6 and all SAISD students that she remain a private citizen.

    I also hope the current trustees will make meaningful updates to their ethics rules in the wake of Ms. Hernandez’s case.

  2. Clearly it is NOT illegal to be unethical. It is just immoral. Shame shame shame on a jury that did not see the need to set president on this type of behavior.

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