3 thoughts on “Former Superintendent, Living in Boerne, Backs Challengers in SAISD School Board Races

  1. I don’t know where the writer gets the impression that the challengers are unhappy with Superintendent Martinez’s transformation agenda, at least with regard to District 3 candidate Lorna Klokkenga.

    Ms. K has always said that the Board uses its authority granted by the Texas Constitution to provide oversight of the Superintendent. If the Superintendent can answer three questions positively, Ms. K and the Superintendent (any superintendent) have no problems:
    1) Are students academically successful?
    2) Are students, staff, and the surrounding community safe?
    3) Do the students and teachers have the resources they need to be successful?

    To assume that a retired educator shouldn’t want to stay involved in a district they’ve given 20+ years or that they’re unhappy and that is the reason they are running for office is a stretch.

  2. It is disturbing, and quite concerning, that our former, much lauded superintendent would back a corrupt candidate for D1. For years SAISD suffered with another corrupt board member who was only removed by arrest. We don’t need to go down that path again. SAISD can and will do better.

    Steve Lecholop has consistently proven himself to be committed to the students of SAISD and has worked to move this district forward. Don’t let this critical election turn us back.

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