3 thoughts on “Frost Bank Tower: A ‘Poetic Gesture’ for San Antonio

  1. Weston Urban isn’t “the builder”, they’re a developer and investor. Presumably, the project will be a competitive bid, so the builder is yet to be determined.

  2. The preliminary designs looked good–more attractive than the Frost Tower in Austin which has a crown that is much too large for the height of the building making it look stubby–as if they originally designed the tower to have maybe 20 more floors than it has and just cut it down without adjusting the size of the crown to be more proportional.

  3. This building isn’t at all that was promised. Weston and Frost conned the city by promising that tallest building in the city and “iconic”, this building is neither. It’s wayyy too short and the roof is flat and that certainly isn’t a San Antonio trait. It needs to be be way taller or I hope they reject it. This doesn’t make me want to bank at Frost. Total con.

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