2 thoughts on “FWD.us Hosts Panel to Discuss Mexican Tech Opportunity in San Antonio

  1. When my grandmother (Paternal) came here in the 1930’s she went straight to work. She understood from an early age that America was the land of opportunity. She was right! America was the land of opportunity.

    Now, it is the land of decreasing liberties and increasing debt. We are no longer living in a nation of prosperity. Some people would definitely say otherwise. They have not seen the rest of America. Thankfully, we are moving forward.

    This is no longer a free-market capitalist society. This is a mixed-market society where the people have increasingly become dependent on government. Sure there are pockets of society that remain capitalistic, that endeavor to break the mold, innovate and prosper but there are still places where opportunity is scarce, where regulation favors the rich and incumbents. Well, that’s everywhere.

    I hope that new opportunities increase. I hope new jobs are created. I hope we evolve. We need to embrace the free market. We need to embrace free thinking. We need to really embrace free markets.

    We are part of the creative economy. The economy where creators are at the helm. The economy in which we had producers and consumers was what lead to our many problems. We are now finally moving forward. We are now finally getting back to equilibrium one day at a time.

    Immigrants are a part of that economy. I had a change of heart. We should move to open our borders once again. We should allow great thinkers into the country.

    Thank You FWD.us!


  2. Hello tech world,

    As a location independent professional, I am more interested in leaving SA/TX/USA and leveraging the strength of the USD elsewhere. I’ll see you all on an exotic beach with some exotic women 😉 #emigration #expatriate

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