German Grocer Lidl to Open New Store in Alamo Ranch

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An interior rendering of Lidl's first grocery store to open in San Antonio's Westside.

Courtesy / CBRE

This rendering shows the interior of Lidl's first grocery store slated to open on San Antonio's Northwest side in 2018.

Low-cost German grocer Lidl is coming to San Antonio’s far Northwest side next year. Lidl, pronounced “lee-dell,” is rapidly becoming one of the world’s largest grocery and home goods retailers, with 10,000 stores in 27 countries.

Lidl purchased just over 5 acres in San Antonio to develop its first store here, according to an announcement from CBRE. It will reside in a planned retail development near the fast-growing Alamo Ranch Parkway and Lone Star Parkway intersection. Lidl is known for offering household goods and groceries at prices up to 50% lower than other supermarkets.

Lidl moved into the U.S. market this year – Its first stores opened this summer in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Lidl currently has 30 locations in five states, according to its website.

Soon after, Lidl began buying up land around Texas and has, so far, spent more than $10 million on such purchases in North Texas, according to a Dallas Morning News story.

A map on the company website shows Lidl specifically targeting East Coast states, Ohio, and Texas. In San Antonio, Lidl has reportedly purchased land to build a store on the city’s Eastside as well.

An exterior rendering of Lidl's first grocery store to open in San Antonio's Westside.

Courtesy / CBRE

This rendering shows the exterior of Lidl’s first grocery store slated to open on San Antonio’s Northwest side in 2018.

Beethoven Maennerchor board member Tobias Klingelhöfer shops at Lidl when he visits his home in Munich, Germany. “It is quite popular in Germany. They have great prices and specials on computers, sports clothing, home decorations,” Klingelhöfer said. “I believe they can compete with H-E-B.”

H-E-B currently dominates the San Antonio grocery chain market with 121 stores, and a new store is coming to the Alamo Ranch neighborhood this November.

Another German grocery chain Aldi already has 1,600 stores in 35 states and expects to grow by another 400 of its no-frills stores by 2018. It is already operating 40 stores in the Houston area, Killeen, and College Station. Some say the discount grocery is taking aim at Whole Foods with a new store design. There are two Whole Foods stores in San Antonio.

Abiso Development will build a 30,000 sq. ft. shopping center adjacent to Lidl, along with another multi-tenant building on the corner of the intersection at Alamo Ranch and Lone Star parkways. Abiso is also expected to sign a lease with a national restaurant chain on that corner.

“Lidl was a pleasure to work with throughout this transaction, and we are excited to have them as our anchor for the project,” stated Blake Honigblum, managing partner at Abiso. “We look forward to providing the residents of Alamo Ranch with a neighborhood destination of restaurant and service providers, as well.”

Gene Williams of CBRE Retail Services represented Abiso Development in the sale.

“The thoughtful design of our project will encourage exploration of the surrounding tenant mix, and the addition of Lidl supports pre-leasing and brings a valuable neighborhood amenity to Alamo Ranch,” Williams stated.

Construction on San Antonio’s first Lidl outlet will begin later this year, and is planned to be complete in the fall of 2018.

Gensler is the architect, KFW the civil engineer, Metropolitan Contracting the general contractor, and Jefferson Bank is providing financing for the shopping center development.


16 thoughts on “German Grocer Lidl to Open New Store in Alamo Ranch

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. When I worked the Hurricane Harvey processing station over at Gembler, I saw hundreds of HEB trucks at the ready for Houston. I did not see Walmart trucks, and I did not see these guys. Just saying . . .

  2. Wikipedia references some truly awful deeds by this company. They have a header called ‘Scandals and Controversies’ which lists among other things having to officially apologize for purposefully poisoning homeless people? Not sure I like the idea of their practices here in San Antonio. All in the name of saving a buck?

  3. It’s bout time HEB has competition..Hiwever, .I understand HEB has a system in place whereby they purchase land nearby the new store, they then build a new store, then they will lower there prices so much in order to get rid of the competition. As soon as the competition os gone HEB increases prices. I know they’ve done it in my hometown with Albertsons.

  4. I am happy. I like Lidl stores. When I lived in Germany I shopped there all the time. It’s about time HEB get some competition.

  5. I love having options, I am so excited about having a store with a varieties of foods and produces… My neighbors are just as excited. Thanks Lidl for considering Alamo Ranch. Please get to moving on this projects because I am ready to shop…. No more driving to Trader’s Joe….

  6. I look forward to seeing this store . But HEB has my complete loyalty being local, with headquarters located in San Antonio and many products from Texas. Will this place feature many local products?

  7. There is an Aldi store in Rockwall, Teas and every time I visit my kids when I come home I make a stop at the store and load up. There prices and products can not be beat. Wish we would get one on the Northeast Side of San Antonio.

  8. Yes, I love HEB TOO but my hometown of 100k people in South Carolina has an Aldi’s, a Lidl and a lovely Publix too, not to mention several Bi-Lo stores and Food Lions galore. It’s called competition!

    • Ginnie,
      We have been reaching out to CBRE and Lidl regularly for an update. They are declining to comment.
      However, it doesn’t look like Lidl has sold any of the assets it purchased here in 2017.
      So we will keep trying and bring you the news as soon as we can. Thanks for reading.

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