2 thoughts on “Google Fiber: No More ‘Fiber Hut’ at Haskin Park

  1. I live in Northwood/Oak Park and I don’t understand why everyone has been so upset about this “hut”… no one even uses Haskin Park anyway, and it’s not like it’s obstructing the playground or anything. It’s literally just a tiny lot with a playground on it. Does everyone not want faster internet??? I don’t get it. There are bigger issues in the city than complaining about a Google hut.

  2. Just get the work done. Grande Communications (which was fantastic when I lived in Corpus Christi) is so very near where I live, but they haven’t been expanding my way for 10 years. My new Spectrum rates are now just $4 lower than the minimum Google Fiber rates for a speed that is only 1/3 what Google offers at that minimum rate. The Google Fiber loop line has already been installed right across the street from my home. I’m ready to drop Spectrum if anyone will offer me service with a decent speed/price ratio for unbundled Internet with no data limits.

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