23 thoughts on “Grand Jury Clears UIW Cop in Student Slaying

  1. Ugh. What’s the next possible step? A civil suit by Redus’ family, if they so choose, against UIW, joining Carter? Has UIW or Carter ever apologized directly to the Redus family? Very disappointing outcome.

  2. Could it be that the evidence has not been released to the public because it might incriminate some others besides Carter? What did courthouse sources know about LaHood’s decision that we don’t? I’m glad I transferred to OLLU for my degree after a year at UIW, but I regret having voted for that …so and so.

  3. They behave however they like, regardless of the spirit or letter of the law. Meanwhile the rest of us are subject to summary execution, for literally any crime, as long as the officer rubs his lamp and says the magic words: “I feared for my life”

  4. This sickens me. I’m embarrassed to call myself a UIW graduate. The school bureaucrats have done a huge injustice to the Redus family, and to all the students, alumni and faculty. One of the school’s core values is truth — I have a hard time wrapping my head around that.

  5. I’m stunned, shocked & majorly disappointed. I cannot even begin to imagine the Redus family’s feelings–one heartbreak after another.

    Agnese and Doyle are pitiful examples of third class administrators at a second rate college. I am deeply ashamed of being Catholic thanks to them. They and the entire Board of Trustees should resign or be fired and let the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word start running UIW like a real Catholic institution instead of a Mafia-like operation that it has become. Agnese and Doyle are lower than pond scum.

  6. The civil case against UIW can now proceed. The looming criminal case was most likely holding up the civil case proceedings, as they “defendants” in the cases would not agree to any depositions knowing that a criminal proceeding would ensue. To be deposed in a civil suit would most likely incriminate in a criminal suit…as the depositions from the civil are fair game in a criminal suit. Soo0000, in order to get the case moving forward you have to forego one of them. Concurrent lawsuits (criminal and civil) are a non-starter, as you can all see from the sequence of events in this case. The civil case will continue. UIW will have to defend itself and its employee, Officer Carter. This will be the REAL CASE. Recall the OJ criminal suit and then the following civil suit. In this case of Redus, its the reverse in terms of sequence.

  7. This quote here: ““We appreciate the work of all involved in this investigation and believe today’s decision affirms that Cpl. Carter was acting in accordance with his role as a licensed Texas Peace Officer,” UIW Chancellor Dr. Denise Doyle said …” is a total crock.

    The grand jury decision does not affirm any such thing. She is a dolt.

  8. This reminds me of Ferguson where a certain group of people with an obvious agenda tried to force a pre-conceived result that didn’t comport with the forensic evidence. Hands up don’t shoot was a lie that so many people so badly wanted to be true. How do we know the same thing didn’t happen here?

  9. That’s disgusting. Thanks for posting this. I’ve wondered now and then abt this story. Also, I’m not familiar with the Rivard Report but good on them for being dogged in wanting to share the evidence from the case.

  10. It isn’t that the cop was innocent it was that the grand jury didn’t feel like there was enough evidence. (They also might not have understood the evidence that was available)

  11. Absolutely disgraceful! The UIW Police force is inept, arrogant and totally useless when issues arise, but they love to pretend otherwise. I worked there for 10 years, I saw them in action.

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