7 thoughts on “H-E-B Proposal Clears Planning Commission, Moves to City Council

  1. What steps are even being done to hold accountability? The stupid store is already smaller than the one requested. More minimum wage jobs and a junky gas station. We don’t need a grocery store we need more shops that sell food! People want to live downtown to eat takeout every night it’s plain and simple. We need variety and a few crappy places that sell milk and eggs. This city council and mayor must be tone deaf.

    • It’s not that plain and simple. I enjoy cooking and want a grocery store I can walk to for quality ingredients; not just milk and eggs. I prefer to shop “European-style” and buy fresh ingredients daily for my meals. In addition, I would like a more accessible gas station.

      A couple of things to note:

      1. The store is 10,000 sq.ft. of *selling space.* If another company had built a 12-15K sq.ft. store, 2-5K sq.ft. would be simply storage, getting you back to 10K anyway. This store will be bigger, in sales floor space, than the TJ’s in the Quarry.

      2. H-E-B doesn’t pay minimum wage.

      Oppose the store if you wish, we all have our perspectives, but please don’t think your opinion speaks for all downtown residents. I, for one, am excited about a downtown grocery. It’s one fewer reason to use my car.

  2. Very disingenuous of HEB’s real estate spokesman to claim some kind of open dialogue and exchange of ideas in meetings with citizens as if there were some kind of give and take involved. He’s the one that gave us the veiled threat of moving several months ago when we met at headquarters. Then of course, the spokeswoman denied that interpretation. Then KWA votes to oppose and several days later HEB coldly gave them a non-answer about parking arrangements for the King William Fair. Then KWA eventually puts out a statement denying that ever happened. I attended all but a few of the meetings where HEB spokespersons were present. Name any other concessions made to date other than the store now being half the size of the upper range outlined in CoSA’s request. THE only concession is their architect agreeing to consider the Commander’s House retaining some of its own identity by having a separate fence style. Remember, their real estate spokesman said that he just couldn’t stand looking at that chain link fence anymore. So without a permit and without going to HDRC, their workers moved the north fence of their GSA lot to the southern boundary of the CH. Hmmmmm, wonder if they got fined like the average citizen would with this type violation.

    I think in ranch logic. Putting a fence around the original 200,000 some-odd acres of the YO Ranch, when it’s now down to 40,000 acres is not preservation. Does this kind of decision bode well for the upcoming debates over Hemisfair’s mid-century moderns?

    The thuggery involved in this process makes a mockery of the mayor’s quest for transparency. We can all be very genteel and dance kabuki every time a major development, presented as either/or comes up along or south of Durango/Chavez. Would it be possible for all sides to wise up after this tainted start to what will be a legacy involving much of the city? I shudder to think what the Alamo Plaza debate will be.

  3. Bad idea! I hate that Mayor Hardberger closed Soledad so many years ago, cutting off the heart of the city–and San Fernando Cathedral. Now, they want to close another section, keeping people from flowing through downtown…I don’t like it one bit.

  4. That’s my shortcut home to avoid traffic. Now traffic will get worse and South Flores can’t even handle the traffic that goes through there now…AND what happens when the trains stalls south of Alamo…as it does regularly. Bad news. These people should move south of downtown and see how traffic flows every morning and after work. Highways are congested and now the city will be even more congested. Bad idea! I am all for a store for folks in the inner city, but take an existing building that go from there…don’t close our access into downtown. Alamo Street has been under construction for some time now and the traffic has had to flow into King William.

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