9 thoughts on “H-E-B Receives Conceptual Approval for Sky Bridge, Six-Story Garage Plans

  1. This is ridiculous. For the amount of $$ spent on a sky bridge they could build some state-of-the-art pedestrian and biking infrastructure on the entire street and then some that the general public could also use and it could increase walking and biking safety for all. Sky bridges are archaic and a thing of the past. Why isn’t HEB community oriented with their investments?

  2. I have seen how difficult it us for us partners to navigate to our corporate offices due to space constraints. In order for the company to do more for the community it needs to continue to grow, by creating jobs in turn that would help out everyone. This would help out many partners get to work. Be able to park and not worry.

  3. Corpus Christi has led in sky bridges in its downtown. Check it out next time your in Corpus. One thing about sky bridges is that one sky bridge tends to beget another and so on until you get a whole network of sky bridges that keep employees from having to interact at all with the public, and reduce the need for the City to make streets safe for other pedestrians. You don’t have to think about cross walks, bus stops, planting trees or having landscaping when there are sky bridges, because there won’t be as many people outside.

  4. Folks don’t use bike lanes, which have been provided, now in SA. Maybe the City should teach folks how to ride a bike before providing more bike lanes?

  5. It’s interesting that USAA is going to be required to have their garages downtown open to the public in the evenings and on weekends for getting an incentive program, but H-E-B is not going to be required to have its new garage open to the public even though it is planning to use public air right-of-way to build a sky bridge.

  6. HEB has done so much for San Antonio and Texas. They sponsor virtually everything in this city. Letting them build a skywalk and garage for their people and assist in their growth plans will pay more dividends for the city and community in the future.

  7. One way to eliminate the sky bridge ideas but still find a safe way for HEB employees to travel to and from the parking garage would be to construct an underground tunnel. Many large cities such as Houston use underground tunnels as a means for people to navigate themselves from one place to another. A little forward thinking could give HEB what they need yet still preserve our historic downtown buildings etc. Its important to find a solution that’s a win win situation for all involved.

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